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Indian man drinking water


Indian woman filling water jugs, good hygiene

Increasing access to safe sanitation facilities is an important step towards improving India's health and hygiene. But there's more that can be done. Millions of Indians lack access to potable water, drinking instead from contaminated local rivers or wells. It is for that reason that SHRI facilities not only eliminate waste, they also produce clean water.

We use the methane gas created from the decomposition of human waste to generate electricity, which is then used to power a water filtration plant. This WHO certified system removes arsenic, fluoride, iron, and bacterial contaminants to make it safe to drink. The water is then sold to the community for $0.008 per liter.

SHRI is currently selling water to hundreds of families each day. By improving access to both toilets and safe drinking water, we are able to dramatically decrease the incidence of illness and improve the health outcomes of the communities we work in.

Indian children drinking water, sanitation
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